Meet Director Extroadinaire Hanelle Culpepper

Culpepper ‘s award-winning work can be experienced via Criminal Minds , Big Sky,Star Trek: Picard, Kung Fu, 90210, Parenthood, Criminal Minds, Revenge, and Grimm to name a few.

#FACTS – Hanelle Is the first Black director of the Star Trek franchise.

In an interview with , she stated “people are not used to seeing a Black woman director. The majority of the time, people are excited…It’s a cool thing, but it’s also frustrating because it shouldn’t be that way.” With the reboot of Kung Fu on The CW, which she is directing, “viewers can expect this beautiful blend of action, mythology and family dynamics,” she promises.

Her next project? Directing the Big Beach drama, 1000 Miles . See more of Hanelle Culpepper at